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Where is my local Grocery Outlet store?

We’re so glad you asked!  Check out our Store Finder to find the Grocery Outlet closest to you: Store Locator


I’d like to recommend or lease Grocery Outlet a site. How do I propose a site?

If you have a real estate site you’d like us to consider, please visit our Real Estate page here: Real Estate




I have a feedback on a recent store experience.  How can I contact you?

Each store is independently operated and customer service feedback is handled directly by the owners. Please feel free to contact the store directly. For the contact information of the local store ownership please visit our: Store Locator




How do I apply for a job in a Grocery Outlet store?

The stores are independently owned and operated and all hiring is done by the owners.  Please visit our Jobs Page to apply to your local store: Work in a Store


I applied for a position. When will I hear back?

Each store is independently operated and hiring is handled directly by the owners. Please feel free to contact the store directly with any questions. Visit Store Locator for store contact information.


I’d like to own a Grocery Outlet!  What should I do?

If you’d like to own a Grocery Outlet, please check out our Owner/Operator information to get started: Own a Grocery Outlet




What are WOW Alerts and how do I sign up?

The most exciting part of shopping at Grocery Outlet is finding that amazing deal — the one that makes you saw “WOW!” To serve you these “WOW” deals in real-time, we created WOW Alerts, an email program that pulls the best, top-selling, unadvertised deals from your local store and sends them straight to your inbox.  Read more.


To sign up to receive WOW Alerts, please visit our Preference Center.


I’ve moved and want to receive WOW Alerts for a different store. How do I change my preferred locations?

You can change your preferences in our Preference Center: Preference Center


Please check your information to make sure it’s correct, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to change which stores you’d like to see Ads and WOW Alerts from.


How do I change the frequency of my WOW Alerts?

You can actually receive the deals daily or weekly on any day you choose by simply logging in with your email address at Preference Center. Once you’re logged in, just scroll down to WOW Alerts and you can change your preference.




Why don’t you have an ad on your website?

Due to the nature of how we source product, we don’t have weekly ads.  We advertise 1-2 times per month to highlight our low prices.  This also means we don’t generally mark down product for a sale period, and then mark it back up again—the prices advertised are our everyday extremely low prices.


The best way to get our ad and stay up-to-date on our latest deals is by email.  Every time we have an ad, our email subscribers get a sneak peek the day before.  Are you signed up?  If not, you can sign up here: Sign up for Email


How do I get a copy of your ad?

At this time, we are unable to add subscribers individually to our print advertising. In order to receive the Grocery Outlet ads via email, please sign up here: Sign up for Email




How can I get the best deals at Grocery Outlet?

Over the years many enthusiasts have shared tips on how to make the most of being a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market shopper, and we want to share them here with you:


Does Grocery Outlet take manufacturer’s coupons?

Grocery Outlet does not accept manufacturer coupons. Our business model and relationships with top name brands allow us to buy products at an extreme discount off regular wholesale cost netting out all allowances, marketing funds (which include coupon redemption) and other expenses normally built into the cost.


This allows us to negotiate the absolute lowest cost and pass those savings directly to our customers by offering deep discounts every day. Many of our products are priced less than you would pay elsewhere with a coupon.


You can sign up to receive Grocery Outlet ads, and information about special buys, wine tastings, store events and Grocery Outlet sponsored coupons via email. Click here to visit our sign-up page: Sign up for Email


I need to find the balance of my Grocery Outlet gift card.  Where can I do that?

To check the balance on an existing gift card, please call: 1-888-529-6578


Who do we contact for donations for charitable events?

The local Grocery Outlet Store Owners are involved in their local communities and giving back is important to them.  Please contact the owner of your local Grocery Outlet store to make your request for local sponsorships and donations: Store Locator


Who do I contact about Public Relations?

You can contact our PR Firm, Zenzi Communications, at info@zenzi.com




I’d like to sell Grocery Outlet my product.  How do I get started?

If you have a product you’d like to sell us, please fill out your information here: Submit Products for Consideration


If you’d like to learn more about our Purchasing department, please visit this page: Sell Your Product at Grocery Outlet


Do you have additional feedback not answered above?

The best way to contact us is via email using the form below.  You may also leave a message at 510-704-6556, and we will contact you within 2 business days.

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