Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

How We Do It

1. Surplus Product

Producers have excess products like overruns or packaging changes.

2. Buying Surplus

Grocery Outlet helps out by buying up that excess inventory at big discounts.

3. Low Prices

These discounts get passed on to shoppers and that's why Grocery Outlet has such amazing deals every day.

4. Independent Operators

Each store is a local, independently run, family business.


Featured News


Say HELLO to Back-to-School Savings at Grocery Outlet

Guest post from Desiree Eaglin, The Funny Mom: "As parents, doesn’t it feel as though we spend most of our money on groceries? I know I sure feel that way. It’s like my children never stop eating! Now there is a grocery store that is catered to parents like us. Grocery Outlet offers customers big discounts on top-quality, name brand products every day. We had the opportunity to check out the brand new Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Rosemead, California to help kick start our back-to-school shopping. We were very impressed with the store and the availability of amazing back-to-school deals."