Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

How We Do It

1. Surplus Product

Producers have excess products like overruns or packaging changes.

2. Buying Surplus

Grocery Outlet helps out by buying up that excess inventory at big discounts.

3. Low Prices

These discounts get passed on to shoppers and that's why Grocery Outlet has such amazing deals every day.

4. Independent Owners

Each store is a local, independently run, family business.

Featured News


GO NOSH Meal under $20 - Chia Seed Crusted Tilapia with Sauteed Kale and Lentils

Coconut Flour is a great substitute for white flour, as it is higher in protein and fiber. It is also wheat & gluten free! Its coarse texture offers the perfect consistency for a flaky and flavorful crust when preparing a tender white fish like Tilapia. The addition of chia seeds adds dimension, color, and lots of antioxidants! One of my favorite ways to prepare fish is by using a cast-iron skillet that is oven safe. I like to begin by searing the fish on both sides and completing the cooking process in the oven. It provides a nice crispness on the outside and a tender finish on the inside!