David and Jessalynn Greenblatt

South Tacoma Grocery Outlet


The Greenblatts started their road to becoming GO operators in 2009 through the “Home-grown” path. Home-grown refers to an employee that has worked his/her way through the company and chooses to become an Owner/Operator. David began working at the Redding, California store as a courtesy clerk at the age of 17. After working at the West Sacramento and Rancho Cordova stores, he moved to the Elk Grove location to be an assistant manager. This is where it became clear he wanted to make a career of Grocery Outlet.


David and Jessalyn at Register

He worked in a number of training stores and asked a lot of questions: How does the Aspiring Operator Training (AOT) program work? Would their age be an issue? How does the money work? David knew from his own experience that family was the biggest driver of all for the Operators he had worked for. And family was important to him and to his wife, Jessalynn.


Because the Greenblatts knew the model and understood how GO worked from the business side, they were able to complete the training program in five months. And as one of the youngest operators in the system, the Greenblatts have embraced the opportunities available to them as part of the Grocery Outlet family. Currently they successfully operate the South Tacoma location, but hope to one day return home and open a Grocery Outlet store in Northern California, closer to their family.


Greenblatt Family

The Greenblatts’ advice to prospective GO operators?
“If you are a GO employee and want to operate your own store, hang in there,” said David. “Keep growing, ask your supervisors how you can do better. They will guide you through all of the things that will make you stand out as an aspiring operator.”


David and Employee Stocking Produce

“Be prepared for long hours and hard work,” continued David. “There will be a lot of work you put into it, but you get what you put into it back many times over.”


Micah in Aisle


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