Dave and Michelle Radcliffe
South City Grocery Outlet


As a former Trader Joe’s District Manager, Dave Radcliffe had a strong background in retail and the grocery industry. He and his wife, Michelle, always dreamed about owning their own business, and after 26 years at Trader Joe’s, he found himself ideally situated to initiate their opportunity to do so, as a Grocery Outlet Owner/Operator.


Dave and Michelle Radcliffe, South City Grocery Outlet

The Radcliffes developed their business plan and were selected by the Grocery Outlet Executive Team as qualified potential Owner/Operators. Previous work experience required the family to relocate to Arizona. When Grocery Outlet offered them the South San Francisco store they recognized it as a wonderful chance – both personally and professionally – to return to Northern California. They knew running a store in the Bay Area would be a challenge, but their goal was to create a family-friendly place for their community right in the middle of this large urban area.


Michelle Radcliffe, South City Grocery Outlet Operator

The South City Grocery Outlet offers a jovial, “Mayberry” like feel, with products the Radcliffes are proud of. Dave described how the culture and family dynamics of their store play a vital point to its success. “We employ several families. There’s a couple of husband and wife, husband, wife and daughter teams, and our own family works here.” He points out that he has control of his hiring and the flexibility to employ families is rare, as it’s the opposite of what you’re taught to do in conventional business models. In addition to Dave and Michelle owning and operating the store as a husband and wife team, two daughters, one son and two sons-in-law of their own have started careers at their Grocery Outlet store.


The Radcliffe Family

Shared responsibilities as an Owner/Operator team have brought Dave and Michelle closer and heightened their appreciation for one another’s strengths. Together, they were invited by Grocery Outlet to a buyer’s conference to discuss store realities with major suppliers. Since day one, they’ve felt an outpouring of support from their community and the Grocery Outlet team alike. Dave explained that the entrepreneurial opportunities are unique and substantial.


“The ability to influence change in your store – and in your community – does not go unnoticed.  The difference an Owner/Operator role at Grocery Outlet affords you is the whole extra layer of ownership, almost unmatched in the retail industry.”


Dave Radcliffe Stocking Shelves


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