Avez and Alia Bashadi

South San Jose Grocery Outlet


Avez Bashadi Grocery Outlet OperatorGrowing up, Avez Bashadi witnessed his family’s work ethic as they ran their own grocery store. He shadowed their footsteps, and upon college graduation, entered the workforce in retail. With a finance degree and plenty of experience – including management roles with Walgreen’s Pharmacy and then Aldi – Avez pursued the Aspiring Operator Training (AOT) program with Grocery Outlet. His wife Alia, a former corporate sales associate, was on board to complete the program with him, side by side.


“After 6-12 months of training, you create a business plan for your proposed store. It could be anywhere, so you need to be willing to move,” Avez said. The couple was offered an Owner/Operator match in South San Jose, and they jumped at the opportunity.



“We have two small children, ages one and three years old,” Alia said. “Being able to take care of them, take them into the store when we need to, spend time with them at the store and at home – has been really nice.”



The Bashadis make it a point to participate in their community and contribute to the vitality of its success. Their Grocery Outlet an active part of other organizations in their neighborhood and endeavors to connect with their customers both in and out of the store.


The Bashadis aim to cultivate a strong, respectable work culture as well. “Every operator has a different way of doing things,” Avez said. “There’s no right or wrong way. Here, we strive in professionalism. From our cashiers to management, we have a culture of professionalism.”


Avez and Alia Stocking Shelves


Alia described the shopping experience at their store as a “treasure hunt.” They continuously bring in different products every single week depending on what the buyer wants, and their pricing is strategically set with the customers in mind.



The Bashadis worked hard to be able to own their own store, and uprooted their lives to move across the country to try their hand at running their own successful business. Their goals to set a good example for their children, make impactful contributions to their community and foster their own financial future leaves them with much to look forward to: A future they could not have envisioned had they not chased their success with Grocery Outlet.


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