Many of our Operator families have great stories on how they found Grocery Outlet and how owning a store fulfills their dreams and life goals.  Below is a rotating selection of some of these stories from our Operators.



Mark and Stephanie Baldwin, Point Loma Grocery Outlet

Mark & Stephanie Baldwin, Point Loma, CA

“We found that there really is ‘life after’ conventional grocery. If you decide to step outside of your comfort-zone, the reward is well worth the risk. It was the best decision we made because we love going to work everyday.”



Troy and Tina Clark, Bellingham Grocery Outlet

Troy & Tina Clark, Bellingham, WA

“At our store, every aisle has someone saying hi to you, asking how you’re doing. We make sure we provide the friendliest, most accessible, comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience. Working here, friendships are developed, we support one another, there’s a distinct level of camaraderie here and out in the community. Success as an Owner Operator relies heavily on your team. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to have good people around you…”



Dave and Michelle Radcliffe with Customers

 Dave and Michelle Radcliffe, South City San Francisco, CA

“The ability to influence change in your store – and in your community – does not go unnoticed,” he said. “The difference an Owner/Operator role at Grocery Outlet affords you is the whole extra layer of ownership, almost unmatched in the retail industry.”


Avez and Alia Bashadi Grocery Outlet Owners

 Avez and Alia Bashadi, South San Jose, CA

“Every operator has a different way of doing things. There’s no right or wrong way. Here, we strive in professionalism. From our cashiers to management, we have a culture of professionalism.”


David and Jessalynn Greenblatt

 David and Jessalynn Greenblatt, South Tacoma, WA

“Be prepared for long hours and hard work.  There will be a lot of work you put into it, but you get what you put into it back many times over.”


Derek and Gina Navarro

Derek and Gina Navarro, San Francisco, CA

“Most of our employees were hired through a workforce agency, and they all live within blocks of the store. They walk over to work, and for them, it’s a real sense of pride and ownership; they want to help build something for the community. Family is a theme we’ve noticed throughout Grocery Outlet, and our employees and customers have become ours. We did this for our personal family, as our family business, but the correlation between our store and its working culture and the neighbors around the store is undeniable.”


Steve and Kim Smith San Diego Grocery Outlet

Steve and Kim Smith, San Diego, CA

“We are thrilled that our son has decided to take the appropriate steps to become a store operator. He has grown up working in a Grocery Outlet, so he understands the model and the incredible opportunity in front of him.”


Jessi and Greg Powell Grocery Outlet Operators

Greg and Jessi Powell, Kent, WA

“The AOT process is rigorous; they are preparing you for the marathon that is your grand opening.  Our commute was an hour each way, but those two hours in the car every day became a wonderful bonding experience for us. We talked about everything and discovered our management style for what would eventually become our store. It was a long and tough, but great year.”


Gian and Pam Rossini Owner Operators San Jose

Gian and Pam Rossini, San Jose, CA

“To go into this business, you need to love retail and the grocery world. You need to love people and interacting with people, as you can’t hide behind a desk or in an office. It’s a job you take home with you every night.  This is basically the American dream: having your own business.”