We’ve compiled questions potential operators often ask us, however we know you probably have a lot more.  Once you apply, a member of our recruiting team will be on-hand to help answer any further questions you may have and walk you through the process.  To speak to a member of our recruiting team directly, please call 1-888-809-1690.


Q: What are the requirements for becoming an Operator?

A: We require at least 5 years of retail management experience (Grocery Preferred), acceptable financial background, proven sales and merchandising skill and completion of our Aspiring Operator in Training (AOT) program.


Q: How much does an Operator make?

A: That’s up to you!  Operators decide how much they make by growing sales, managing margin and  controlling their variable expenses such as labor, utilities and supplies.  Often Operators can make more than twice as much as a Store Director in a conventional store.


Q: Is this a franchise?

A: No—and that’s a good thing!  With Grocery Outlet you get a solid, proven, and helpful business partner. Our stores operate as Owner/ Operators.  This means that each store is independently owned and operated by individuals who make the day to day decisions of the business.  Grocery Outlet is here to find the building, deal with the stressful construction, source the product, pay the rent, provide marketing, and serve our Operators with help and support.


Q: When will I get a store?

A: The answer to this is varied. Once you enter the training program depending on prior experience, willingness to relocate, completion of Training Schools, and learning speed it typically takes 6 – 12 months to be selected for your own store.


Q: Do I have to relocate?

A: Yes, relocation is a requirement, however you have some choice in your relocation.  90% of our candidates relocate for the opportunity to run their own business.


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