What are WOW Alerts?

The most exciting part of shopping at Grocery Outlet is finding that amazing deal — the one that makes you saw “WOW!” To serve you these “WOW” deals in real-time, we created WOW Alerts, an email program that pulls the best, top-selling, unadvertised deals from your local store and sends them straight to your inbox.


How are items selected for WOW Alerts?

  • Have a high savings. To qualify for WOW Alerts, products must be a killer deal.  For most departments, that means a savings of 50% or higher off the original retail price elsewhere.
  • Be a top-seller in their department. Wow Alert items are the top-sellers from the previous day.  Customers “vote” with their dollars, and we send you their favorites. So, WOW Alert items are not particularly items that we are promoting – they are being selected by your fellow customers.
  • Have enough inventory. WOW Alert items will have enough inventory, so you’ll have time to get to the store before they run out – but be sure to act fast!  These are hot, top-selling items, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last!


How are WOW Alerts different from an Ad?

Due to the nature of how we source product, we advertise 1-2 times per month in print to highlight our everyday low prices. When we put items on an ad, we select the deals that are universal to all our stores and that we have enough quantity to support.


With WOW Alerts, you’re getting new, exciting items delivered straight to your inbox! We know that a lot of our customers wish they could be notified about our hottest, unadvertised deals before they sell out – and we’ve solved that request with WOW Alerts.


How do I sign up?

Through our Preference Center.  Just opt-in next to the WOW Alerts toggle: Preference Center


Be sure to set your store preference when you sign up.  WOW Alerts are store-specific, so without a store preference set, we can’t send you WOW Alerts. You can also set your frequency and content preferences.


I’m getting WOW Alerts too frequently. How do I fix this?

Through our Preference Center. You can change your settings from daily to weekly, and choose which day you’d like to receive your WOW Alerts email: Preference Center