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These delicious recipes from the Grocery Outlet Buyer’s Kitchen are created by our NOSH buyers. They work hard to scout out the highest quality and most varied selection of NOSH products at the best prices possible! As they find tasty NOSH items, they develop these recipes to share with you. Enjoy!


It’s that time of year again! Summertime = watermelon everywhere! We’ve got a spicy yet quenching surprise for you to try or all you heat lovers out there AND as always at a great price!



Spicy Watermelon Margarita




2 cups White Tequila
1 Watermelon, seedless medium sized
1/2 cup Triple sec / orange liqueur
1/4 cup Simple syrup
3/4 cup Lime juice
1-2 Jalapeño peppers
Salt (for rims)
Create an even rim around margarita glasses with salt and fill with ice. Thinly slice the jalapeño into rings and place 1-2 pieces into each glass.

Cut the watermelon into medium sized cubes and set aside.

Add watermelon, tequila, triple sec, simple syrup & lime juice into a large blender. Blend until liquefied and smooth.

Pour margaritas into the glasses. Garnish with lime and jalapeño. Serve and enjoy! These can also be served as a frozen margarita by adding ice into the blender prior to liquefying.
** Please note you can always omit the jalapeño if heat isn’t your jam.



Make your own simple syrup
Pour equal parts sugar and water into a saucepan. Heat and whisk until dissolved. The edges of the saucepan should start to lightly bubble/ simmer, the liquid should be completely clear. Allow to cool.
FUN FACT: Watermelon is both a fruit AND a vegetable. Talk about an overachiever!. Like most fruits, watermelon is the product of a seed-producing plant and has a signature sweet taste. But, it can also be traced back to the squash, pumpkin, and cucumber family known as Cucurbitaceae. Boom!



Spicy Watermelon Margaritas