By: Pink on the Cheek


Over the weekend, my husband went to Nashville for a Bachelor party. Even though I miss my husband when he’s gone, I secretly love making little meals for myself when he is gone! Ernie really doesn’t think that meat and cheese is a suitable dinner…but I do.


I quickly headed to Grocery Outlet on my way home from work on Friday. The closest location to me is on the way home from work. I love that each Grocery Outlet is located in a neighborhood. I think they are so convenient for quick stops.

Also, I need some more wine for the house.


That’s right, Grocery Outlet is the secret spot for all the great wine, for cheap!


I don’t know about you, but I am OBSESSED with avocado toast.  These avocados were 2 for 99 cents. All I needed to complete my breakfast was some thick wheat toast and salt.




This next meal is a staple for me when Ernie is gone.


The best part is that I can mix it up and add more meat or cheese, or even different accompaniments.  This weekend I kept it simple with Roquefort cheese, Gouda, prosciutto, crackers and honey.  Don’t forget the wine!


I believe that honey is a staple for a meat and cheese board. It perfectly compliments the saltiness of the meat. Plus it makes the Roquefort cheese a little creamier so it sticks to the cracker.  These crackers were found in Grocery Outlet’s NOSH section. That stands for natural, organic, specialty, healthy! I don’t want to keep the secret to myself, but these pita crackers are normally priced higher at other grocery stores.  Since it was pretty sunny on Saturday, I decided to have my lunch outside on the patio.




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