By Coco in the Kitchen


The older I get, the more I am convinced the secret to happiness is in the countryside. The simple life. That’s how I’ve been cooking and baking lately, only a few steps using garden-fresh ingredients. Fancy electric appliances have been collecting dust a bit. Batter made with nothing more than a big bowl and wooden spoon has felt so rewarding. The goal for savory dishes has been to do it all in one pot, like my new favorite Rustic Beef Stew. Inspired by Jacques Pépin,  this no-fuss meal is perfect anytime, whether it’s just a cozy evening at home with your sweetheart or gathering the whole family around the table.


Good food comes from good ingredients. The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, is food. Never skimp on quality, because you’re worth it. Increasing consumer demand is making organic and responsibly sourced ingredients more affordable and readily available to everyone, if you know where to shop, like Grocery Outlet.




In their NOSH (Natural Organic Specialty Healthy section, I was stunned at the great things I found at there, including organic, vegan, gluten-free specialty items. The product prices are on average between 40-70% cheaper than other markets, especially on those specialty items that most of us avoid primarily due to cost. As long as you’re not looking for a specific brand, you’ll be able to find everything you need to treat your family and friends to a beautiful meal. They do carry some well-known products, including pantry favorites like Annie’s Homegrown, Clif and Kind bars. There’s no guarantee they’ll always have specific brands, because they stock their shelves with grocery surpluses and cancelled orders. That’s how they manage to pass the savings on to the customer. This does, however, encourage us to try new things, especially now that they are more affordable.


What I love even better than the savings and wide variety of organic, fancy products is the fact that Grocery Outlet is a family business. It’s also a great way to support local farms, since the shelf life on fresh items is so short. Those organic red potatoes I got tasted amazing. They were firm and delicious.


Produce section


Not only did I stock-pile a bunch of healthy snacks for Daisy, I got everything I needed for my Rustic Beef Stew in one trip, all quality organic ingredients. This French country stew has become a favorite in our family and I’ve made it every chance I get. The type of red wine that goes into the pot depends on whatever caught my eye at the market. The meat and vegetables also vary. Both chuck and ribeye turn out beautifully here, which is wonderful, because everyone can afford to enjoy this lovely dish, especially with Grocery Outlet.


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