By Camesha


A long time ago I stopped making dinners that I thought were only kid friendly meals. There’s a couple of reasons for that. First, my kids would eat burgers every day if I let them. Second, what I like matters too. Third, how will they ever get used to other tastes if we always play it “safe”. Lucky for us, having them try things has worked in our favor. They love edamame, sushi, Cuban and Thai dishes to name a few. While these are all the norm these days, I don’t remember eating any of this stuff when I was growing up. My kids have it good and they don’t even know it.


Since I’ve switched my diet to pescatarian over a year ago, we’ve gotten even more creative with our meals. I’m getting really good with different types of seafood as well as vegetarian dishes. While my family still eats chicken and turkey, they still get to experiment along with me. After finding a recipe for a portobello stir fry that I loved, I wanted to re-create it with shrimp instead of mushroom. My daughter isn’t a fan of my favorite fungus so… I headed to Grocery Outlet this week to stock up on some goodies.


I love the store because not only is it filled with good, fresh, organic choices but the prices are amazing too! I found everything I needed and then some. I hung out in the NOSH section for a bit and picked up some things to stock our fridge. I’m a big fan of any green veggie so I was really happy to find organic broccoli and green beans! It’s pretty impressive that there are lots of organic choices and they are so reasonably priced.


Then I headed over to the wine section. I was amazed at how many choices there were. There are so many varieties to choose from. Seriously, SO MANY!


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