By Isabel Freitas


What woman doesn’t love makeup and cosmetics? Especially if it’s cheap makeup and discount cosmetics. Am I right? In this post I will show you where to find them, but first let me give you some context here…


As a teenager, my mom would give my sister and I a couple of bucks so we could go shopping and get us something we wanted. It’s funny how different we were and still are from each other. My sister would go to certain stores that she liked and that were really expensive. She would walk out of the store with that one single item that costed her all her money.


I, on the other hand, would go treasure hunting in a bunch of different stores or a store I knew that had the kind of stuff I liked and I would walk out with bags and bags full of good items that fit the same budget she had. We had so much fun and laughed together at how different our shopping experiences were, yet we both enjoyed it.


‘Till this day, we’re still the same way…


About a year and a half ago, when I was living in Concord, California, a friend of mine introduced me to The Grocery Outlet as an awesome store to find discount groceries. I loved it and started buying most of our groceries there. By going there weekly, I started browsing around their aisles and ended up discovering they not only are an incredible grocery bargain store, but to go treasure hunting for health and beauty care products as well.


They have amazing deals on brand-name beauty products as well as some new finds!!! From daily moisturizers to quality cheap makeup items.


Isabel Frietas Lotion


In my treasure hunt, as I used to do with my sister, I was able to walk out of the Grocery Outlet with a huge bag full of Health and Beauty Care products, without going a dime over my $30 budget.


Isabel Frietas Haul


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