By Collectively Christine


Let’s talk about real life right now and the struggle of having a toxic-free beauty routine without draining your pocket. It’s so hard! But what if I told you there is a magical place that sells some awesome cleaner brands at affordable costs, would you want to know my secret? Well I’m spilling the beans with this one and I’m so excited I found it.


Grocery Outlet y’all! They not only sell groceries but they have a wide selection of products in the Health and Beauty Care section. From makeup to shower essentials to hair accessories, the selections are endless.



Collectively Christine Eco-friendly Beauty



I didn’t know what to expect when I rolled up into Grocery Outlet. We just got one here in San Diego and all my co-workers are raving about how awesome it is. So I thought I would give it a try since I needed Shampoo and some makeup remover.



Collectively Christine Eco-friendly Beauty



I was blown away when I saw brands like Burt’s Bees, Andalou Naturals, and Simple! Brand’s that I purchase at specialty markets for full retail price! So what did I get for my small budget of $25? Let me show you! Yay for show and tell!!


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