We are thrilled to announce that the Fourth Annual Independence from Hunger Food Drive raised $404,925 in the month of July! We exceeded our cumulative 4-year goal of collecting $1 million in donations by reaching a grand total of $1,223,542. All donations go directly to local food assistance agencies in each store’s community. 

More than 200 stores have participated in the food drive each year, with employees and customers joining forces to feed the need. This year, nearly 250 local food assistance agencies in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Idaho benefited from the food drive. High-demand items were identified on store shelves for individual purchase and donation as well as packaged into pre-made Independence from Hunger bags, which could be purchased and donated easily for five dollars each. Cash donations both online and in stores were also a huge component of the food drive grand total.

The money and food raised during Independence from Hunger is especially critical during the month of July because it is traditionally a time when food agencies experience the greatest need.

Independence from Hunger bags

“We are ecstatic that all of our stores worked together with their communities to reach such an important milestone to help those in need,” said McGregor Read, co-CEO, Grocery Outlet Inc. “We want to sincerely thank every person who helped contribute to our food drive to benefit their local food assistance agencies.”

All of our stores partner with local nonprofit organizations and strive to make the greatest impact on their communities throughout the entire year. Please continue to support the local food assistance agencies in your area. We look forward to growing this tradition year after year. Mark your calendars for the Fifth Annual Independence from Hunger to launch in July 2015!