By: Simply Delish Eats


I am so excited to share this recipe and post with y’all for so many reasons. The first being this is the first post I have done in over a month (yikes)! Over the last month I celebrated my birthday and moved into a new house with my boyfriend so pretty much every weekend has been non-stop packing, unpacking, decorating, and sneaking away from all that to explore our new neighborhood restaurants. I love to go out and try new spots as much as I love to cook and get creative at home! On top of checking out the new restaurants I’ve also been checking out all my new local spots to shop and feel like I found a total gem in Grocery Outlet. I had one of those I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this my whole life kind of moments so I’m excited to share that with you as well!



Grocery Outlet is a family run grocery store chain that is able to charge less than other stores because they source from product surpluses due to over production, package changes, etc… all things that do not affect quality for us as the consumer! The NOSH (Natural Organic Specialty Healthy) sections of the store were packed with brands that I shop regularly and I had total reverse sticker shock shopping them at GO. I was able to find name brand gourmet cheeses, organic frozen meals, almond milk, sparkling water, spices, meat, you name it… all for about half of what I usually pay. I snagged La Croix and Perrier for a couple bucks a case, some Amy’s Kitchen organic meals for only a few bucks each, etc…I also found some of my staple beauty products such as Neutrogena make up remover wipes for less than half what I pay elsewhere…. score! Oh and the best part of all? They have so much discounted wine!  Anyone that knows me knows that I pretty much consider wine my best friend. Unfortunately for myself I developed a passion and palette for it far before my budget could keep up (thanks for that one dad), so any time I can find good wine at a non break the bank price point is a total win! Let’s just say I took advantage and my new wine fridge is looking pretty full and happy. Yes, a wine fridge was one of my first installations in my new home, priorities, priorities.




Anyway, enough raving about my deals and love affair with wine, I also gathered up a bunch of great ingredients to make up this gnocchi recipe while there so let’s get to it!





To read more and get the recipe, visit: Creamy Pesto & Shrimp Gnocci