by Our Ordinary Life


Our girls are very busy with after school activities. From the moment they get home from school there are places to be which means in between our girls getting home from school and dinner they have a snack and head to an activity. Being the mom of three girls, two of our girls spend a lot of time in dance and gymnastics. It’s important with our girls that we make sure that they’re eating food that will fuel their bodies and help them stay energized so they can perform at their best.


To get ready for the new dance season and going back to our after school activities we hit our local Grocery Outlet store to stock up on everything we need for after school snacks. It’s always important that you stay prepared with snacks and staying organized is key to making sure you don’t leave anything behind.


3 Simple Tips for Preparing for After School Activities

  1. Schedule – Know your schedule, plan time for the traffic and where you know you need to get. Half of staying organized is knowing where to be and when to be there.
  2. Plan Ahead – Shop ahead  and save yourself a lot of grief, ever had to sit through an hour of ballet with a hunger tagalong? I always pack snacks, and water bottles, extra clothes, there’s probably even an extra pair of shoes in my car. You just have to be prepared especially with small children and after school activities.
  3. Know Your Budget – It’s important to stay within budget and be able to shop ahead. It’s also healthier for your family if you plan snacks and meals ahead of time. Shopping at a store like Grocery Outlet is a great way to find the products your family needs at a great price.

What I like about Grocery Outlet is that I can find everything our family likes and brands I already know and trust.


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