Selected Frugal Friend

Lois Prices

As our “Low Price and Happiness Ambassador”, Lois lives for the deal.  She actually gets pretty emotional when she finds a great buy, and can often be heard exclaiming “WOW!” or “SCORE!” when shopping.  Sometimes she says it too loud, because she’s just so excited to save so much at Grocery Outlet.

Ben Saven

Ben likes brand name quality products, but is often frustrated as he tries to stretch his paycheck.   He admires people who seem to always be able to get the best deals on quality brand names, but he just can’t quite get organized enough in his own shopping habits.  He shops at Grocery Outlet to stretch his limited budget, and often looks to Lois and Tammy for guidance on how to save.

Tammy Underspend

Tammy likes getting more for her money and has an entire arsenal of tips and tools to help her get the best prices on food for her growing family.  Her husband calls her a “professional shopper”, and she uses lots of coupons at other stores. However, she’s found that at Grocery Outlet, the deals are so good, she doesn’t even need coupons!


Doug is a musician and a vegan.  He cares about quality food and the environment, and loves to browse the deals on organics and natural, healthy products (a.k.a. NOSH) at Grocery Outlet when he’s not practicing with his band “Doug and the Dealtones”.  Getting a great deal on quality food is music to his ears.