Guest Post: Cheap Makeup and Discount Cosmetics

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About a year and a half ago, when I was living in Concord, California, a friend of mine introduced me to The Grocery Outlet as an awesome store to find discount groceries. I loved it and started buying most of our groceries there. By going there weekly, I started browsing around their aisles and ended up discovering they not only are an incredible grocery bargain store, but to go treasure hunting for health and beauty care products as well.

They have amazing deals on brand-name beauty products as well as some new finds!!! From daily moisturizers to quality cheap makeup items.

In my treasure hunt, as I used to do with my sister, I was able to walk out of the Grocery Outlet with a huge bag full of Health and Beauty Care products, without going a dime over my $30 budget.

Guest Post: Beauty on a Budget

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I spend A LOT of money on health and beauty products. As a blogger and a beauty lover, I am constantly buying new things to try as well as stocking up on my favorites. But with two boys, and a long list of things we are saving for (aka new house), I have to be more budget conscious when I buy things.

Grocery Outlet is a great place to find beauty products you love and to pick up new things too! I love that I am able to try new products without having to pay full price. Look at all of the choices they have.

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I was able to find name brand gourmet cheeses, organic frozen meals, almond milk, sparkling water, spices, meat, you name it… all for about half of what I usually pay. I snagged La Croix and Perrier for a couple bucks a case, some Amy’s Kitchen organic meals for only a few bucks each, etc…I also found some of my staple beauty products such as Neutrogena make up remover wipes for less than half what I pay elsewhere…. score! Oh and the best part of all? They have so much discounted wine!

Guest Post: Affordable Green Beauty Finds for the Girl on a Budget

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Let’s talk about real life right now and the struggle of having a toxic-free beauty routine without draining your pocket. It’s so hard! But what if I told you there is a magical place that sells some awesome cleaner brands at affordable costs, would you want to know my secret? Well I’m spilling the beans with this one and I’m so excited I found it.

Grocery Outlet y’all! They not only sell groceries but they have a wide selection of products in the Health and Beauty Care section. From makeup to shower essentials to hair accessories, the selections are endless.

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