Pasta with Hearty Malbec Meat Sauce

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To celebrate our 20% off All Wine Sale, we created this recipe in the Buyer’s Kitchen for Pasta with a hearty Malbec Meat Sauce! Wine adds flavor and depth to the sauce, and the alcohol cooks out as it simmers on the stove. We topped with Mozzarella cheese, but you could easy swap in Parmesan or any other kind of Italian cheese as per preference. Fresh herbs would also add a little something extra. Enjoy!

Cereal Lover Ice Cream Pie

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In honor of our 20% off Cereal Sale (October 4-11, 2016), we made this easy, no-bake ice cream pie, with a crispy, crunchy cereal crust. This recipe is great if you don’t have a lot of time, or love ice cream, Rice Krispie treats, or all of the above!

3 Simple Tips for Preparing for After School Activities

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Our girls are very busy with after school activities. From the moment they get home from school there are places to be which means in between our girls getting home from school and dinner they have a snack and head to an activity. Being the mom of three girls, two of our girls spend a lot of time in dance and gymnastics. It’s important with our girls that we make sure that they’re eating food that will fuel their bodies and help them stay energized so they can perform at their best.

To get ready for the new dance season and going back to our after school activities we hit our local Grocery Outlet store to stock up on everything we need for after school snacks. It’s always important that you stay prepared with snacks and staying organized is key to making sure you don’t leave anything behind.

The ‘TJ Maxx of grocery stores’ is coming for Kroger, Walmart, and Whole Foods

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Grocery Outlet wants to be the “TJ Maxx of grocery stores”… TJ Maxx offers lower prices than department stores by paring down the shopping experience and passing savings on to consumers. The apparel store has been blamed for the downfall of brands like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Grocery Outlet says that it sells items at a 40% to 70% discount off regular stores’ prices by offering surplus items, seasonal closeouts, and discontinued items. While some of its goods aren’t up to manufacturer standards, none of what it sells is past the sell-by date. Here’s why Grocery Outlet is becoming a viable threat to industry giants like Walmart, Kroger, and Whole Foods…

Say HELLO to Back-to-School Savings at Grocery Outlet

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Guest post from Desiree Eaglin, The Funny Mom: “As parents, doesn’t it feel as though we spend most of our money on groceries? I know I sure feel that way. It’s like my children never stop eating! Now there is a grocery store that is catered to parents like us. Grocery Outlet offers customers big discounts on top-quality, name brand products every day. We had the opportunity to check out the brand new Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Rosemead, California to help kick start our back-to-school shopping. We were very impressed with the store and the availability of amazing back-to-school deals.”