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Evolve Muscle Milk

The next generation of MUSCLE MILK products has hit the shelves everywhere—including your local Grocery Outlet! Evolve is Muscle Milk’s new take on the Muscle Milk Light line, with the catchphrase: It’s Evolved.


 Muscle Milk Evolve

This new formula has been modified not only to have natural flavors, but also to now include Tonalin, which has been proven in many studies to dramatically aid in weight loss and muscle building.

Hurry into your local Grocery Outlet and SCORE a 4 pack of Evolve ready to drink protein shakes for just $2.99!  You’ll pay up to $7.49 elsewhere, but buy it in our stores today and save up to 60%!

These shakes come in a variety of flavors—varying by store. Most stores will have Muscle Milk Evolve in the natural Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.

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