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$4-A-Day Challenge: Mike

Michael Thomas, VP of Distribution, oversees our warehouses and distribution, making sure that our product gets from our suppliers to our distribution facilities, and then on to our stores.  Originally from Liverpool, England, Mike has a very interesting perspective on what it takes to make the $4-A-Day Challenge work:

"Leftovers are a big part of eating on a budget. Another big part is planning, buy in bulk, make a lot of something and just keep going till it’s gone. It is far easier to think about $28 per week for four people than $4 per day. Mike Thomas, VP of DistributionThe ground beef ($2 off last week) came around again for lunch yesterday, this time on top of a couple of potatoes. Pretty easy, about $1.65 by my reckoning. It's penultimate iteration will be tonight in a chili over squash and yellow beans and it will go through to Thursday lunch over a couple more potatoes.

Dinner last night was a throwback to the old days in the UK. Meat in the UK is (and was) way more expensive than in the USA so people of modest means used to use other proteins and have meatless meals at least a couple of times a week. My parents generation went through ten years of rationing during the war and into the Korean war so meat was actually scarce. The answer - CAULILFLOWER CHEESE - ingredients one cauliflower, 4oz strong cheese. Make a cheese sauce, pour over cooked cauliflower, eat. Cost about ($1.60 per head).

I have to say that the teetotalers have it easy. I could have killed a beer night. If I am a bit snappy at the office today this could be a clue."

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