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Be Gifty and Thrifty!

The holiday season is in full swing! Gift giving is an age-old tradition in the holiday season.  But this year, don't let your holiday budget and your sanity fly to the North Pole.  Consider giving homemade, personalized gift baskets with items you can find at Grocery Outlet for 50% less than traditional stores.  Follow these simple tips for a gifty and thrify holiday:

Gift Basket

Gather an assortment of small, inexpensive items with a common theme that the recipient will appreciate.  No need to go overboard, just three or four items will do.  Here are some ideas:

  • Chocolate Lovers—chocolate of every kind, don't forget the hot cocoa
  • Foodie Friends—gourmet cheeses, crackers, olive oil, nuts and a unique cooking tool
  • Wine Enthusiast—red, white and rosé varieties, with fresh grapes, wine glasses and a corkscrew
  • Home Spa—beauty care products, bath salts, loofah sponge, cozy socks
  • Tea Time—a combination of black and herbal teas, a pretty mug or tea cup and specialty cookies
  • Pet Perfect—pet toys, pet treats and a pet dish
  • Movie Night—DVDs, microwave popcorn, candy and a blanket

Find a decorative basket or container.  Check your cupboards and storage space, you probably already have something laying around that you can use. Place items in the basket, using tissue paper or old gift wrap to help stabilize the items inside the basket. Finish with festive trimmings, like ribbon, raffia or even old-fashioned tinsel, then add a homemade gift tag.

Your family and friends will be thrilled to receive something you know they'll love.  And your wallet will say thanks, too.  Wishing you a simple holiday season!

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