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Thanksgiving Bounty

Grocery Outlet loves Thanksgiving because it's a holiday focused on family and food.  All year long, we are helping families save money so they can prepare bountiful meals for their families.  And we can't think of a more bountiful meal than Thanksgiving. Here are some ideas to help you save time and money as you prepare.

Thanksgiving dinner

Tips to Simplify Your Thanksgiving and Save Your Sanity:

  • Share a slice of the pie! Ask your guests to bring the dessert. Sometimes the cost of the desserts winds up being more expensive than the main event!
  • Ask visiting relatives to prepare breakfast that morning, so you can focus on the turkey.
  • Plan your menu and stick to your list. You’ll save money.
  • Quality over quantity. You don’t need seven vegetable sides and six pies. Really, you don't. Keep it simple.
  • Dice your fruits, vegetables and herbs for cooking the day before and place them in plastic bags or storage containers. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  • Fake it. Not everything needs to be made from scratch. Delicious cookies, desserts and candy can be bought pre-made.
  • Organize your grocery list by department to save time at the store. Shop your own cup- boards first to see what you already have.

Then sit down and enjoy the American tradition of gathering your favorite people and sharing your gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Grocery Outlet!

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