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Pledge to Simplify the Season

Joy?  Peace?  Yeah, right.  It's easy for the holidays to become more stressful than joyful.  It’s time to stop the holiday insanity and get back to the basics.  At Grocery Outlet, we believe it's time to simplify the season.  Cut back on the extra stuff.  Be frugal with your time and money.  Avoid overstressing and overspending and you might actually enjoy the holidays.  Remember these tips to help you stay focused on what’s really important this season.

Holiday Spread

Tips to Simplify the Season
- Get ready. Inventory your supplies early on. Get wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, stamps, boxes and pantry staples (such as sugar and flour) well in advance of the holidays. You may find discounted items when you’re not rushed.
- Revisit family traditions. Think about holidays past. Which activities were most worth the effort? Focus on what makes you and your family happy and eliminate what doesn’t.
- Don’t over-commit. You don’t need to say “yes” to every invitation. Save room in your schedule for things that might pop up.
- Keep it simple. Don’t overdo the table settings and decorations. Your guests will enjoy themselves just as much even without a complicated, expensive centerpiece.
- Focus on gifts from the heart. Give gifts that show your love—not the size of your wallet. Grandparents will likely value a photo album or a framed piece of children’s art far more than expensive presents.
- Shop strategically. Sometimes the places that save you the most money might surprise you. We have a selection of toys, personal fragrance sets, home products, and other gift items that may fit someone on your list.

Now, take this Simplify the Season Pledge by signing your name in the comments below.  Then embrace the joy!

Simplify the Season Pledge
I pledge to STOP the Holiday insanity.
I will make every effort to simplify the Season.
I will not stress out over decorating, wrapping, buying and baking.
I will not buy thoughtless gifts.
I will not over-commit my time.
I will plan my schedule with free time to sip hot cocoa.
I will enjoy the true spirit of the season – joy, peace, giving.

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