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  • Our Fourth Annual Independence from Hunger® Food Drive Starts on July 1st

    Did you know that 1 in every 6 Americans is food insecure and 46.5 million Americans (15%) were reported as living at or below the poverty level in 2012?* To help fight hunger in our local communities, we are thrilled to launch our Fourth Annual Independence from Hunger® Food Drive on July 1st.


    Independence from Hunger


    What is Independence from Hunger®?
    Independence from Hunger® is a month-long, company-wide campaign where customers can donate food and/or cash to support local food assistance partners. Every Grocery Outlet store is teaming up with an agency in their area and all donations received throughout the campaign will go directly to that partner – staying in the community of that store’s customers.

    You can make a difference by visiting your local Grocery Outlet and participating in one of these easy steps:
    • Look for specially-marked food items. These are items that each local food agency has identified as "high-need" items. Purchase these products and then place in the collection bin at the front of the store.
    • Pick up a pre-made bag that is filled with an assortment of the groceries that have been identified as needed – bags are $4.99 or $9.99.

    Oakland Independence from Hunger display

    • Tell your cashier that you'd like to make a cash donation at the register. Donations will go directly to that store’s local food agency partner. Donate $1, $5 or round up your change.
    • Donate on our Facebook page where we will have an online fundraiser to benefit Berkeley Food Pantry.
    • Pick up information at a Grocery Outlet store about hunger, food insecurity and local/national resources for people in need. Be informed and willing to help.
    • Join the events at your local store to support the Independence from Hunger® food drive.

    In our first year - July 2011 – we were able to donate more than $223,000 in cash, gift cards and food to help support local food assistance agencies through the generosity of our customers and community partners. In July of 2012, donations increased to over $292,000 —more than half a million dollars donated in just two years! In its 3rd year, the total reached was $300,000. And this year’s goal is to raise enough to put the total donated amount over the $1 million mark.


    Maple Valley Food Bank donation

    And our CEO, MacGregor Read, knows how important this is to the communities where our stores are located:
    “The face of poverty has changed and hunger is a reality in every community throughout the country. We are eager for the Fourth Annual Independence from Hunger Campaign® because it is a time for communities to rally together and help neighbors in need. All of the donations collected at each store will directly impact people in your community.”

    Each of our owner/operators is committed to their community. They have chosen a food assistance agency making a difference within its unique community. We can’t do this without each of you. Stop in to your local Grocery Outlet today and help your community.

    * (U.S. Census Bureau, Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S. - Data collected in 2012 and released September, 2013.)

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  • Giving Back on a Budget

    As July winds down, so will our company-wide “Independence from Hunger” food drive on July 31. So far, our loyal and community-conscious customers have collectively donated almost $275,000 in cash and food donations — all of which will go directly back into their local communities to help those in need.

    While the “Independence from Hunger” campaign may be coming to end, the need of those in your community may not. Making a difference in the lives of those around you doesn’t have to cost money or even much time. You can donate kindness and compassion in many ways, on a daily basis. Below are five cost-free suggestions to give back to the community — starting today!
    • Smile! You never know who might be in need of it. It’s so easy to fall into a mentality of “you versus the world,” and you might forget that those around you are most likely feeling the same pressure or stress you are feeling. A smile can remind a stranger that they’re not alone and that we’re all in this together. You can even take it a step further — like opening a door for someone, or giving a compliment.  
    • Attend a local event and spread the word. Local events like festivals, fairs and fundraisers are usually free to attend, and the money that is spent there will stay in your community. Spreading the word to friends about the great things going on in your neighborhood will encourage them to stay in town and shop locally — promoting growth and benefiting everyone.
    • Grab a box and give. You’d be surprised to know what good your old, forgotten things might do to those who need them. Call your local schools and shelters and find out what the guidelines are for donating. On the bonus side, donating your unwanted items will also help de-clutter and simplify your life, making you a happier person with extra kindness to give.
    • Walk with a purpose. Take a walk around your block with a garbage bag. Picking up litter will help beautify your neighborhood, while at the same time, boosting your energy. Plus, if you’re neighbors catch a glimpse of your good will, it might inspire them to give back as well.
    • Reach out and research. Whether it’s once a week or once a year, take some time out of your schedule to reach out to local services and ask what they might need from you. There’s guaranteed to be at least one cause in your local community in need of your time. Small things like collecting cans, reading to children or cleaning up local parks don’t cost anything, but can change everything.

    Independence from Hunger

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  • Message from our CEO on Hunger

    Please watch our latest YouTube video on hunger and what Grocery Outlet is doing to combat it.  On your next trip to Grocery Outlet, please consider donating cash or cans to Independence from Hunger to help us fight food insecurity in our local communities.

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  • Feed the Need Contest

    For 1 in 6 Americans, food insecurity is a challenge they face every day.  We’re trying to help.  

    During the month of July, you can make food and cash donations at Grocery Outlet that will go to a local food agency helping families in your community get the food they need.  This campaign, Independence from Hunger, is off to a great start, but we wanted to do more.  In these times when so many worthy causes are asking for donations, we wanted to find a way to help them, and give something back to you.

    Introducing our Feed the Need Contest!  Enter for a chance to win a $100 donation to your favorite non-profit charity, plus a $100 Grocery Outlet gift card for you!  

    All you have to do is go to our Facebook contest page, tell us the name of your charity and why you love them, plus enter your name and email address so we can contact you if you’ve won.  There will be a total of 5 winners.  You have until July 31st to enter.  

    Feed the Need

    If you do not want to enter on Facebook, you may also mail in your answer to this address:

    Grocery Outlet Inc.
    Attn: Feed the Need Contest
    2000 Fifth Street
    Berkeley, CA 94710

    We’d love to know what causes and organizations are important to you, and give you a little reward for giving so much.  Let’s Feed the Need together!

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  • Help Us Fight Hunger

    You know what they say: “It takes a village.”  Well, we agree.  It does take a village to raise children, to run a city, to operate a grocery store.  And it takes a community to provide for the needs of the people inside it.  The fact is, we all need help at some point in our lives.  And it's not a sign of weakness.  Actually, it's the strong folks who ask for help.

    That village spirit is at the foundation of Grocery Outlet's 1st Annual Independence from Hunger campaign—a month-long, company-wide campaign that will bring together Grocery Outlet stores and our customers to help feed people in our communities who are facing hunger and dealing with food insecurity.  People who don't always know where they will find their next meal.

    Hunger pains
    For 1 in 6 Americans, hunger is a reality.  And they are often hard-working adults with families who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals, or even days.  In fact, national food insecurity data revealed that about 45% of those struggling with hunger actually have incomes above the federal poverty level.

    According to the USDA*...
    - 50.2 million Americans lived in food insecure households, 33 million adults and 17.2 million children
    - 1.7 % of households (17.4 million households) were food insecure
    - 5.7 % of households (6.8 million households) experienced very low food security
    - 7.8 % of seniors living alone (884,000 households) were food insecure.
    - 4.8 % of all U.S. households (5.6 million households) accessed emergency food from a food pantry one or more times.
    *USDA.  Mark Nord, M. Andrews, S. Carlson.  Household Food Security in the United States, 2009.

    We can help!
    Please join Grocery Outlet to claim Independence from Hunger for our community.  Throughout the month of July, as we celebrate our country's independence, we're asking our customers to donate food and/or cash to support a local food bank partner.  Your generous donations will directly impact people in our community.  

    It's easy ...
    - Look for specially-marked food items.  These are items that our local food bank partner has identified as "high-need" items.  Purchase these products and then place in the collection bin at the front of the store.
    - Tell your cashier that you'd like to make a cash donation at the register.  Donations will go directly to our local food bank partner.
    - Feel good, knowing you've helped a local family put food on their table.

    Your local Grocery Outlet store is independently owned and operated by people who are committed to giving back to the local community. We're proud to unite with our customers and community and together, fly the flag of Independence!

    Independence from Hunger Shield

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  • We've donated 107,000 apples so far--Help us do even more!

    This last fall, Don Murphy, our Director of Produce and Floral, heard about a wonderful organization: FirstFruits of Washington.  FirstFruits is an apple grower with a charitable mission—to provide 1 million apples to local food banks.  

    Grocery Outlet and its customers are partnering with FirstFruits to donate thousands of pounds of apples to needy families through its “Take a Bite Out of Hunger” campaign. The campaign began in October and will run through January 31.
    We made our first donation of 19,600 pounds of apples to Oregon Food Bank in Portland, OR on Wednesday, January 12th, and our second donation for the same amount to the FISH Food Bank of Pierce County, Seattle, WA on Thursday, January 13th.  That’s 39,200 pounds of apples, or 107,000 apples in total!  I was on site helping for both of these donations and it was pretty incredible seeing all the fresh fruit going to local hungry people in the middle of a desperate winter.


    Apple Donation!

     Don Murphy (Director of Produce), Eric Lindberg (Co-CEO) and Mike Moran (Oregon Food Bank)

    Don says, “Our goal is to donate more than 50,000 pounds of apples to local food banks between now and February. This donation will help many and is perfect timing to provide nutritious food to those in need after the holiday season when less emphasis is placed on replenishing food bank reserves.”  

    The Oregon Food Bank chimes in, “High unemployment due to the current economic recession resulted in 240,000 people per month eating meals from an emergency food box last year, up from 200,000 the previous year. Of those, 33 percent are children. OFB Network agencies continue to see new faces ... people who never thought they would need emergency food.”

    Demand is higher than ever, but we’re stepping in to help, and you can too!  During the course of the promotion, you can purchase bagged apples and help us earn even more apples for donations to local food banks!  We’re running the promotion through January and will make additional donations in February.  The donations will provide fresh apples to more local food banks and the member programs they support.   
    Just find the logo below on any package of apples.  For every 5 lb bag you buy, we’ll donate 2 apples.  For any 3 lb bag of apples, we’ll donate 1 apple.  Let’s help ease the sting of hunger and provide healthy apples for local families together!


    Take a Bite Out of Hunger!

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