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  • Grocery Outlet in your Pocket? We’re GOing places with you!

    Are you connected on your mobile phone? Do you Facebook on-the-go? Do you use your phone to shop? Now Grocery Outlet can go with you wherever you are!

    Download Android version: Android
    Download the iOS version: iOS

    We just announced our brand new FREE Mobile App! Now you can find GO on the go. The GO App has a number of useful tools for our shoppers:


    Mobile App



    Do you often wonder where the closest GO is when you are on the road? You know we have the best deals in town, but when you aren’t near your favorite GO how do you find the closest one?

    Using your phone’s GPS, the GO App will show you the store closest to your current location. When you tap on the location you’d like, it brings up the stores profile information - address, phone number, hours of operation and directions to THAT store!


    Store Finder


    If you love getting our ad in your email in-box, why not take it with you on your phone? As soon as we have a new ad available, you can have it right in the palm of your hand. Need to make your list for your shopping trip from the ad, there it is - right on your mobile app!




    3. COUPONS
    We don’t do them often but when we do, you can have them right there handy! Click on the Coupon tab, select your coupon and VOILA! There is a time limit to redeem the mobile coupons, so please don’t click redeem until you are at the check-out.




    Remember, it’s free & easy! And we’ll be adding useful tools as we get them. GO download it right now...

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  • San Marcos Grocery Outlet Provides Relief to Local Firefighters

    As wildfires spread though San Diego County, residents and businesses did everything they could to make sure they were prepared and out of harms way during the emergency.  San Diego was experiencing nearly a dozen fires at one time and the San Marcos Grocery Outlet, located in San Diego County, was particularly close to the fires and had to act fast.

    “We were very fortunate that the San Diego firefighters did such an incredible job and protected the San Marcos community,” stated Henry Martinez, one of San Marcos Grocery Outlet’s store owners and operators. “With scorching temperatures over 100 degrees, we wanted to help out the firefighters who were working day and night to protect our city.”


    San Marcos Fire


    Henry and Breana, the store owners of the San Marcos Grocery Outlet supported the San Marcos Fire Department by donating a crate of water, totaling nearly 300 gallons of water, and 37 cases of granola bars as a thank you for their efforts.

    Due to the large size load, Henry made a call to the North County Food Bank to see if they could help with the delivery. By noon on Thursday, the water and granola bars were loaded onto a truck along with additional donations from the North County Food Bank and American Red Cross and delivered to the San Marcos Fire Department.


    Supplies for Firefighters

    Thankfully, the fire was 100 percent contained and the temperatures have cooled.  We are thankful for the incredible efforts of the firefighters and first-responders. Grocery Outlet will always be ready to help when needed.  

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  • GO Buyer Shares the Secret to Finding WOW Products for Your Shopping Bag

    We sat down with Kai to chat about how our buyers find the best products and offer them for less than traditional retailers. Here’s what she had to say:

    Kai Mitchell

    I don’t understand why I can’t find the same things every time I shop – why is that?

    Kai: As a buyer, we look for amazing opportunities to bring products to your store. Sometimes this means that we purchase close-outs, over-production lots or promotional packaging that can’t be currently sold in other stores.

    We are able to get products that might otherwise end up unused or disposed of because it couldn’t be used in a traditional retailer. The product is still fresh and usable – and you can buy it for a fraction of what you would pay for the same thing, in a different package elsewhere. Once these special purchases sell out, they are gone. That’s why we say to come in often and stock up when you see a WOW deal.

    For example: a manufacturer was asked to create a special promotional 2-pack of deodorant for a national retailer. They forecasted more than the retailer actually purchased and they offered the excess to us – and it ends up on the shelves for you.

    Why is it that I can find products at GO for so much less?

    Kai: We’ve been around since 1946 and in that time we’ve developed some long-lasting relationships with vendors that trust us to be a great resource for them. Often times, a new vendor comes to us with an offer because they’ve heard about the way we operate. And there are other times where we seek out vendors – we meet them at tradeshows or find out that a product was sold to a new company.

    Our philosophy is to get back to our vendors immediately when they make us an offer. We take the products from them immediately so they don’t have to store it longer than necessary. We also purchase the products for a fair value – which our vendors place a high value on, enhancing our relationship with them. Many of our vendors also like knowing that they are helping a community – from the small business aspect of the independent operator to how that operator helps the community they are servicing. We really do live the “it’s just like family” philosophy and that extends to our vendors.

    I was in one Grocery Outlet and it didn’t have what my regular store had… was it sold out?

    Kai: It might have sold out or it may have been a special selection for the store. Sometimes one store will have something different than another, but there are many products that all of our stores will have in-stock. Variations come from the differences from store to store – this is the beauty of the independently owned and operated. We will make items available to purchase and the operator will bring it into the store if it is something that they think their customers will snap up. So one store may carry lots of NOSH items because their community loves the natural & organic selections, where another store may have a smaller selection but has an amazing selection of wines.

    We heard that you are now buying for the Health and Beauty section – what can we expect to see?

    Kai: We’re looking for WOW deals from conventional brands and natural product companies. Selections we’re looking to expand are the cosmetics we offer our customers – bringing in more high quality make-up choices for you. We’re also looking to expand our hair care selections – offering more variety of the brands you know and some hidden gems too.

    What’s the favorite GO product you have in your home right now?

    Kai: I love the organic maple syrup… who doesn’t love syrup?

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  • Happy Holidays!

    This time of year, we often reflect on what matters most to us.  Here at GO HQ, we talk a lot about how Grocery Outlet is a family.  It started with a family, the Reads, who created Grocery Outlet and helped it grow to 200+ stores.  It's continued on in our owner operator families, some of them second and third generation owner operators.  It's alive in our corporate headquarters in the atmosphere, approach, and our mission statement: Touching Lives for the Better.

    What's important to us year-round is family.  And you're a part of that family if you've ever come inside a Grocery Outlet store, visited our website, talked with us on social media, or even if you're reading this for the first time.  We hope we've touched your life, because you touch ours every day.  And we want that connection, that family, to stay strong for many years to come.

    Thank you for being a part of our lives and our family.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and much happiness, health, and cheer for this year and all the ones that follow.

    Grocery Outlet

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  • Beauty Blog: Chocolates, Flowers, Fragrances, Oh My!

    With Groundhog’s Day come and gone and President’s Day just around the corner, Sarahdon’t forget about St. Valentine’s Day—this Thursday! Grocery Outlet has everything you need and more to surprise your sweetie—whether it’s Valentine’s Day cards for an elementary class (just $0.99 for a whole pack!) or some Chocolate Calcium Chews as a healthier alternative to boxed chocolate (just $2.99 for 60 chews!)—Grocery Outlet has you covered.

    We’ve got: cards, trinkets, sparkling wines (and nonalcoholic cider), flowers, chocolates, wines, perfumes, cosmetics, and candles—everything you’ll need and want to create a very special day with your very special someone.



     Valentine's Candy


    Visit your local store and find an assortment of sure to please sweets from Ghirardelli, Lindt, and Mrs. Fields OR great smelling bath sets from Dove, Axe, and Baylis & Harding (Bath Sets & Fragrances ranging between $2.99-$8.99). There’s something for everyone, I promise!



    Whether it’s pretty soaps for Mom or Grandma, fragrances for a special young man or lady in your life, or even taking advantage of some of our great closeouts on bath sets for yourself—Grocery Outlet will get you more for less.




    If you happen to have some special plans this Valentine’s Day—or perhaps packing for a weekend getaway, let Grocery Outlet help you glam up with our awesome selection of brand named cosmetics! Check out our selections from Revlon, Sally Hansen, L’Oreal, E.L.F, and Rimmel! Your favorite brands in cosmetics ranging from $0.99 to $3.99! Stock up for yourself for gift some as very affordable and very thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts.


    Valentine's Day Beauty

    Valentine's Day Bear

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  • Fan Fiesta Sweepstakes!

    We're happy to announce our Fan Fiesta Sweepstakes, where you can enter to win a 2012 Ford Fiesta and several other great prizes!  Celebrate with us by entering our contest—click here to get started:

    Enter Fan Fiesta Contest!

    Fan Fiesta Puppets



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  • Pledge to Simplify the Season

    Joy?  Peace?  Yeah, right.  It's easy for the holidays to become more stressful than joyful.  It’s time to stop the holiday insanity and get back to the basics.  At Grocery Outlet, we believe it's time to simplify the season.  Cut back on the extra stuff.  Be frugal with your time and money.  Avoid overstressing and overspending and you might actually enjoy the holidays.  Remember these tips to help you stay focused on what’s really important this season.

    Holiday Spread

    Tips to Simplify the Season
    - Get ready. Inventory your supplies early on. Get wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, stamps, boxes and pantry staples (such as sugar and flour) well in advance of the holidays. You may find discounted items when you’re not rushed.
    - Revisit family traditions. Think about holidays past. Which activities were most worth the effort? Focus on what makes you and your family happy and eliminate what doesn’t.
    - Don’t over-commit. You don’t need to say “yes” to every invitation. Save room in your schedule for things that might pop up.
    - Keep it simple. Don’t overdo the table settings and decorations. Your guests will enjoy themselves just as much even without a complicated, expensive centerpiece.
    - Focus on gifts from the heart. Give gifts that show your love—not the size of your wallet. Grandparents will likely value a photo album or a framed piece of children’s art far more than expensive presents.
    - Shop strategically. Sometimes the places that save you the most money might surprise you. We have a selection of toys, personal fragrance sets, home products, and other gift items that may fit someone on your list.

    Now, take this Simplify the Season Pledge by signing your name in the comments below.  Then embrace the joy!

    Simplify the Season Pledge
    I pledge to STOP the Holiday insanity.
    I will make every effort to simplify the Season.
    I will not stress out over decorating, wrapping, buying and baking.
    I will not buy thoughtless gifts.
    I will not over-commit my time.
    I will plan my schedule with free time to sip hot cocoa.
    I will enjoy the true spirit of the season – joy, peace, giving.

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  • Easy Meals for Busy Families

    Whether we like it or not, we live in a fast-paced society. It's especially tough for those of us with families, but we're doing our best to keep up. At Grocery Outlet, we can provide fast, easy and nutritious meals for families on the go. Check out this week's Bargain TV and let Chris show you just some of the quick and easy meals that you can save big money on at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.

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  • Summer Freshtival

    This weekend, August 5th-7th, it will be Freshtival time again at Grocery Outlet! What’s Freshtival you ask? It’s our celebration of all things fresh and delicious. Right now at Grocery Outlet, 2 lb bags of Nectarines are only 99 cents! And nice big Cantaloupes are just 99 cents each! Plus, lots and lots more extreme bargains on fresh produce at Freshtival time at Grocery Outlet.

    So come in this weekend and check out Freshtival. See how you can save on all things fresh!


    August Freshtival



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  • Buck-O-Rama this Weekend!

    Don't forget!  Buck-O-Rama, our celebration of the dollar, is on this weekend at Grocery Outlet, today through Sunday!  Come see what you can get for a buck or less.




     And don't forget to bring in those bargain bucks!


    Bargain Buck



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  • The Buck Starts Here

    You know the saying, “The buck stops here”?   Well, at Grocery Outlet, the buck starts here!  In our stores, you can get a lot of things for just $1.  

    This weekend, April 29th-May 1st, we’re celebrating the almighty buck with our Buck-O-Rama event!  Stop in and see what you can get for a dollar or under.



    Here are some ideas:
    •   Hamburger Helper in assorted varieties is just 99 cents. You save up to $2.30.
    •   32 oz Ocean Spray Juices, just 99 cents. Save up to $1.
    •   And check this out…Get 1 lb of strawberries for just $1!  3 lbs of apples* for only $1!  Wow!

    *Varieties vary by region.

    See you this weekend!  And don’t forget—Grocery Outlet: the buck starts here.

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  • Introducing Vlogs & Our Easter Ad!

    We're trying something a little different over here at Grocery Outlet HQ.  Chris, an employee in our South Tacoma store had been making videos about all the affordable and fantastic food and merchandise you can find at Grocery Outlet.  Since he's become an expert, we invited him to start making video blogs, or vlogs, that we'll be posting here on our Barganista Blog.  We're very excited to share Chris's enthusiasm for saving money and showcase our incredible deals.

    Here is our inaugural vlog, this time about our Easter ad which breaks today. Enjoy!

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  • Showers of Savings

    Bargains are raining down on us at Grocery Outlet!  Wisconsin Premium or Monterey Farms Shredded Cheese is only $5.99 for 2 lbs.  You save $4 on assorted flavors.  Popular Cuties Clementines are only $2.99 for a 3 lb bag.  You save $3 per bag!  Gusto Hickory Smoked Bacon is only $8.99 for 3 lbs—the perfect thing for your next bargain breakfast.  You save $4.  

    As we transition into spring, keep warm with Progresso Soup.  We have 18-19 oz cans of soup in assorted flavors for only 99¢.  Wow!  You save $1.50.  We also have a 3-pack of Freschetta Brick Oven Pepperoni Pizza for $7.99.  You save $4.  Ore-Ida Tater Tots are only $3.99 for 4 lbs.  You save $3.  

     Freschetta Brick Oven Pizza

    Back by popular demand, 35 x 40” Orthopedic Pet Beds are only $19.99 at Grocery Outlet.  You’ll pay $129.99 at other stores, but buy one at Grocery Outlet and you’ll save up to $110!  Wow!

    Disney watches are great for Easter gifts.  We have assorted styles and colors, each only $9.99.  You save $10—50% off of what you’ll pay elsewhere.  Stock up for upcoming birthday and graduation gifts.


    Disney Watches   watches   watch

    We have Easter eggs, baskets, and other merchandise, but the star of the show is our Dolce D’or milk chocolate bunny.  He’s 3.5 oz and is only $1.99 at Grocery Outlet.  You save $1.  

    Happy spring, happy shopping!

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  • Shop us first. Get more.

    We believe that if you shop at Grocery Outlet first, you can get more for your money.  We're like a treasure hunt: you may not always know what you're going to find, but what you do find will be at an incredible price. Here are some of the great bargains that are currently in the store:

    Tillamood Butter at Grocery Outlet

    Tillamook Sweet Cream Salted Butter is only $2.49 for 1 lbYou save up to $2.50—50% off!  You can find 2 lbs of California Premium Medium Cheddar for $5.99—a savings of $4 off the conventional grocery store price.  Check out Premium Brand Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, 2.5 lbs for $4.99!  You save up to $4!  Also, Ocean Eclipse Salmon Whole Fillets are only $3.99 for 1 lb.  You save up to $2.  

    When it comes to produce, we have an 8 lb bag of navel oranges for $3.99.  You save $3.  Seedless grapes are only $2.99 for a 2 lb package, and you can choose red or green!  You save 99¢.

    Grow your Green Thumb!  It’s gardening season at Grocery Outlet, and we have several great deals to help make your yard pretty.  A 10 x 10 Gazebo is only $125.  It has a weather and rust resistant steel frame, and has four corner shelves.  You save up to $174.99!  WOW!

      Gazebo at Grocery Outlet

    Outfit the rest of your garden with assorted pottery for $19.99.  You save $20.  We also have Premier Bareroot Roses for $5.99.  This is the perfect time to get them in the ground!  You save $4.  

    Our bargains keep growing, so visit your local Grocery Outlet store to find the best prices in town.  Happy spring!

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  • The Anti-Scrooge Spirit: Giving at Grocery Outlet

    The holidays are about giving, right?  At Grocery Outlet, charitable giving is one of our core values.  With combined giving forces among store owners and individual employees, we embody the Anti-Scrooge Spirit.  In fact, the owners of local Grocery Outlet stores make it standard operating procedure to give back to the community via local food banks, Habitat for Humanity, school groups, church organizations and more.  They've built a solid reputation as local leaders in the giving department and they want to inspire others to do the same, because it's the season of giving.  And the world doesn't need any more Scrooges.

    Last year, individual donations to charities and non-profits took their biggest one-year drop in two decades, dropping 11 percent among the nation's biggest charities. It's no surprise that local charities are in the same boat, so it's more important than ever for people and business owners to think about giving to their local community and channel the Anti-Scrooge Spirit.  Here are some tips for aspiring do-gooders:

    Research.  Before making a commitment, make sure the charity will use your money wisely.  Check with the local Chamber of Commerce, or a website that rates charities, including Charity Navigator ( or the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance (

    Passion.  Tap into your passion, expertise and resources to determine the best approach.  For example, if you love animals, volunteer some time at your local animal shelter.  A marketing professional could offer to design and produce a non-profit's quarterly newsletter.  And a grocery store can contribute food to a local food bank.

    Focus.  Don't overextend yourself and your business.  It's tempting to support every good cause in the community, but you can make a greater impact by focusing on just a few charities you feel most passionate about.

    However you choose to give back, we hope you'll join the Anti-Scrooge Spirit and help make the world a little bit brighter this holiday season and in 2011!

    Happy Holideals from everyone at Grocery Outlet!

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  • Holiday Gift Giving: Survival of the Thriftest

    The age-old tradition of gift giving is synonymous with the holiday season.  Everyone loves the warm fuzzies they get when they find that perfect present for their friend, spouse or kid.  Opening a really great gift from someone you like a lot is fantastic too.  All that said, gift giving can also mean overspending.  So what's a Bargainista to do?  Give yourself a gift and follow these simple tips to keep your holiday budget in check:

    - Keep it real.  It's easy to get sucked into the hype of all the latest and greatest must-haves, but we know you're smarter than that.  Remember, it's the thought that counts.  The reason we treasure the holiday season is the chance to make special memories with the people in our life, not the things.  In fact, a sentimental, hand-written letter would be more valuable than any shiny gadget.

    - Make a list and check it twice.  Just as you would to prepare for grocery shopping, a well-planned list is essential to successful and budget-friendly gift shopping.  Write down everyone you plan to buy a gift for, no matter how small the gift may be.  Those small gifts can add up to a lot.  Then write ideas of what to give each person, along with the maximum amount you are willing to spend on each gift.


    Christmas Shopping

    - Shop the homemade department first.  Take inventory of your skills and then put them to work to create meaningful gifts.  Great gourmand?  Why not deliver a home-cooked meal to your friends?  Savvy seamstress?  Kids adore personalized pillowcases.  Budding baker?  Your neighbors will love a plate of yummy cookies.

    - Stockpile for savings.  When you find a great deal on a gift item, go ahead and buy a few for last-minute gifting.  Like a box of Trefin Belgian Chocolate Seashells for $2.99 (save up to $4) or Cozy Socks for $1.99 (save up to $3) and other great deals available at Grocery Outlet stores now.

    Bottom line, do whatever it takes to stick to your holiday budget.  So you don't find yourself paying off your holiday spending come March.  You can do it, Bargainistas!

    Happy Holideals from all of us at Grocery Outlet!

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  • Thankful Thoughts

    We love this week!  It's the official holiday kick-off week and if you don't feel it in the air, you might need to check into Scroogeville for the next five weeks.  But before we get ahead of ourselves with the flurry of holiday happenings to come, we'd like to pause this week and simply be thankful.


    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We are thankful for you, our customers, our shoppers.  We love delivering great deals to help you save money and put food on your family tables.  We are especially grateful for our regular customers, many of whom often convince their friends to give us a try.  We are thankful for the smiles and friendships you bring to our stores.  In fact, we love our customers so much, we are giving away a $50 Grocery Outlet Gift Card this week with our Happy Holideals Contest on Facebook.  Just post a picture of your favorite Grocery Outlet deal to enter: go to our Facebook page!

    We are thankful for all the Grocery Outlet Owners and Operators.  These people are truly, truly amazing.  They give 120% of their time, resources and hearts to make their stores run smoothly and successfully.  They are passionate about giving back to their communities and they do it often.  They serve their customers with serious dedication and friendly smiles.

    And we are thankful for our team of Grocery Outlet buyers.  These men and women are the modern day hunters and gatherers, bringing home a bounty of savings for families everywhere.  They search the world over to find the best products and bargains, and then pass along the savings to our shoppers.

    We are swimming in the gratitude that Thanksgiving inspires.

    Now it's your turn.  What are you thankful for?

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  • Frugal Friday Halloween Finds

    Halloween is right around the corner and we've got spooky savings on all your favorite Halloween products!  I found these all at the store today as I was looking for the latest in Grocery Outlet bargains.


     Nestle Halloween Candy

    Nestle Assorted Big Bag candy is $6.99.  You save $1.00 on Crunch, Butterfinger and Baby Ruth fun size bars.


    Mini Snickers


    Snickers Minis are $4.99 for a big bag.  You save $2!  Did you know that Snickers is the most popular candy among tricker treaters?  It is according to online polls!



     We also have Halloween decorations for inside and outside your home and a beautiful selection of fall chrysanthemums to complement all the fall color.






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  • Expiration Dates

    We get a lot of questions about expiration dates.  Since we are a extreme bargain retailer, we've had customers assume that we sell expired or bad food.  While it is true that we sell products closer to their sell by dates than a conventional supermarket, we are extraordinarily careful not to sell anything that is spoiled or bad. Above all, we care about our customers' safety and satisfaction.

    It's a tricky thing to understand fully, but in our business, some dates are used as guides and some are strict dates.  It's very important to know the difference between expiration dates, sell by dates, and best by dates. Here's some information to help you untangle the difference between each type of date.

    Best if used by and use-by date: With emphasis on the "best" qualifier in this term, it means the product should retain maximum freshness, flavor and texture if used by this date. It is not a purchase-by or safety date. Beyond this date, the product is still good, though you should keep an eye on it to make sure it's still fresh.

    Sell-by or pull-by date: This date is used by manufacturers to tell grocers when to remove their product from the shelves, but there is generally still some leeway for home usage. For example, milk often has a sell-by date, but the milk will usually still be good for at least a week beyond that date if properly refrigerated. 

    Guaranteed fresh: This date is often used for perishable baked goods. Beyond this date, freshness is no longer guaranteed although it's probably still edible.

    Pack date: This is the date the item was packed, most-used on canned and boxed goods. It is usually in the form of an encrypted code not easy to decipher. It may be coded by month (M), day (D), and year (Y), such as YYMMDD or MMDDYY. Or it may be coded using Julian (JJJ) numbers, where January 1 would be 001 and December 31 would be 365. In even more convoluted coding, letters A through M (omitting the letter I) are often assigned to the months, with A being January and M being December, plus a numeric day, either preceded or followed by the numeric year. 

    Expiration date: If you haven't used the product by this date, toss it out. Other dating terms are used as a basic guideline, but this one means what it says. 

    Information gathered from this article on

    Each product is different!  To get more information on expiration dates, including a comprehensive list of products and their freshness time frame, check out this wiki article on expiration dates.  We were really impressed by it. 

    Stay fresh!

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  • Being Eco-Conscious at Grocery Outlet

    It may surprise you to know that Grocery Outlet is on a mission to become eco-friendly.  Even though our primary goal is to bring you quality products at extremely low prices, we also include sustainability and eco-responsibility in our overall strategy.  Here are some things that Grocery Outlet has done in our corporate offices to reduce waste, save energy, and make our planet a better place:

    1. We used to provide free bottled water for employees. We've now switched to filtered drinking water coolers and drinking glasses. We recycle the paper cups we do use.
    2. We bought Duplex Printers—we encourage printing on both sides of the paper.
    3. We switched to energy saving smart power strips
    4. We bought energy saving dishwashers. We switched to motion lights in offices to save energy.
    6. We made the change to organic, fair trade coffee and biodegradable coffee filters.
    7. We provide incentives for employees to ride their bike or carpool to cut down on emissions.
    8. We recycle cardboard, plastic, cans, bottles, paper, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam, as well as cartridges, staplers, and other difficult items to recycle.
    9. We buy recycled copy paper and office products.
    10. We switched our janitorial supplies and paper towels to more sustainable, eco-friendly products.
    11. We try to make electronic copies more than paper copies.

    Also, we've made sourcing organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly products for you a priority.  You'll regularly see brands like Amy's Organic, Kashi, Annie's, Nature's Gate, and many more in our stores.  The eco-friendly product that I'm most excited about is Bear River Valley Cereals.  We're featuring these cereals in our July ad (consider this a sneak peek!).  Bear River Valley cereals use 75% less packaging than other brands, and the manufacturer supports renewable wind energy.  Also, all shipping cartons are made from 100% recycled product.  You can learn more about Bear River Valley here.

    Bear Valley

    Best of all, each cereal is only 99 cents!  You save up to $2 on this cereal.  That's something to cheer about!

    This is just one of many examples of how Grocery Outlet can help you save money and the planet.  We'll keep our eyes out for more fantastic eco-bargains.  Stay tuned!

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