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From the Dublin Patch (Dublin, CA):

One-of-a-Kind Grocery Store
Grocery Outlet recently celebrated three months in Dublin.
By Erika Conner

With the high cost of gas, you're likely looking for a way to save money. The owners of Grocery Outlet in Dublin say you can do just that at their store.

Rich and Ruth Lavine opened the store near Target three months ago after moving from Washington with their four children. Rich had worked as a manager for Grocery Outlet there, but the couple were excited about moving to the East Bay. "We wanted a nicer climate and we really love the area," he said. If you haven't had a chance to visit Grocery Outlet, it's not your typical grocery shopping experience. Products vary by week; inventory changes constantly. Rich took the opportunity to dispel some rumors.

"We do not see expired food," he said. "That's one thing that I don't think people realize." The store receives food from companies that have changed their packaging or have surplus products.

Contrary to what some shoppers believe, at Grocery Outlet "you can buy good products and not have to pay full price," Rich said. The store carries fresh produce, meat, frozen items, dairy products and even wine.

The Lavines said they are excited about living in a community where they own a business and can focus on being community oriented. Newcomer Grocery Outlet participated in last weekend's St. Patrick's Day festival. The couple said they hope their store changes the way people shop. "We think you'll be surprised when you come in," Ruth said. "We want this to be a treasure hunt for bargains and to make it fun for our customers."