The American Dream is alive at Grocery Outlet

Do you have excellent retail management skills, but no opportunity to grow?

Consider this American Dream:

American Dream 

  • An exciting opportunity to independently operate a retail business and be your own boss
  • The chance to join an established, successful organization growing nationally
  • An opportunity to grow your business, work with your family, and build equity for your future
  • A unique prospect to be a leader in your own community, and contribute to the lives of others

Are you Qualified?American Dream

Desired Traits

  • A strong belief in people
  • Strong communication skills
  • A committed passion to grow the business
  • A sense of humor
  • Hard working with integrity and common sense
  • Assertive and enthusiastic
  • Highly organized and a creative thinker

Qualifications Required Preferred
Retail Management Experience 5 Years 10 - 15 Years
Proven Marketing/Community Skills Yes 5 - 10 Years
Proven Merchandising Skills Yes 10 - 15 Years
Proven skills in hiring, teaching & coaching Yes -
Proven Financial/Business Skills Yes -


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